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Hi, people of Itch!

We are a new social broadcasting platform for gaming, entertainment, and the creative arts. With Caffeine, you can engage in real-time with the broadcaster or your viewers - no more long delays when chatting. Welcome to the future!

Caffeine cares deeply about developers. When broadcasters (and Caffeine) make money, developers should too! If you've made a game that is as fun to watch as it is to play, you should be sharing in the platform's revenue. Our monetization system financially rewards developers of every size for sharing the content they've worked so hard to create.

Real-Time Means Real Social

Other platforms have a massive delay between the broadcaster and viewers — sometimes a full minute! Since Caffeine is insanely fast, you won’t be waiting for messages and reactions. Instead you’ll be having frictionless conversations powered by our proprietary chat system that surfaces the best messages to create a meaningful and unique experience for each user.

Find Content You Love

Caffeine supports broadcasting of hundreds of games, but it is also the home of entertainment, podcasting, talk shows, news, fashion, cooking and more. Our community is always introducing something new to Caffeine, using our real-time platform to elevate their content. With Caffeine’s social-driven recommendation system, it is easier than ever to find content you will love.

Broadcasting Made Dead Simple

Start broadcasting in just a few clicks. We built our own broadcasting software to create a powerful, simple, and fun way to engage using real-time video. Use the super simple client to broadcast a game, or just use your browser or iPhone app to broadcast yourself. No need to mess with bitrates, stream keys, IP addresses, or any other nonsense - including partnership programs.

No Partner Program Required

Caffeine makes it incredibly simple to monetize your content through the use of digital items and without the need of a partnership program. As viewers purchase digital items to participate in and enhance broadcasts, Caffeine will award broadcasters with Credits based on this activity. You will be able to apply to cash out your credits for real money starting in July 2018.

We’re just getting started and have plenty of surprises on the way.

Install instructions

Extract the zip file to a folder of your choice, and run caffeine-itch.exe.

Before running Caffeine on Windows 7 or 8, please install the latest .Net Framework from Microsoft.


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